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Single Phase : up to 50.0 KVA capacity

INPUT = 220 V/ 230 V /240 Volts AC, 50 Hz

OUTPUT = 0-9-12 v/ 0-15-18-25V/ 0-100 Volts AC

Three Phase : up to300.0 KVA capacity

INPUT = 400V/420V/440V/460Volts AC, 50 Hz

OUTPUT = 200V/220V/240V/250Volts AC

  • We can also supply air cooled and oil cooled both type
  • We can use both type a) Toroidal Core b) E.I. stamping lamination in C.R.G.O. materials
  • Above 75.0 KVA capacity - oil cooled type used
  • M.S. Cabinet with powder coated cabinet supply and above 10.0 KVA capacity - cluster base bottom provides

Input Voltage : The voltage that should be applied to the input terminals to make the dial calibration correct is 240v, 50Hz, 415v, 50Hz.

No load current: Less than 2% of full load.

Construction: Both single and three phase units are supplied enclosed in sheet metal covers, unless asked for open type construction for panel mounting,oil cooled units are supplied in sheet-metal tanks with or without cooling radiators.

Current Ratings: (single wound type)

* Both Open Type, Enclosed Type, Single Wound, Double Wound,Two-Phase Dimmer can be supplied and with motor operated Dimmer available for Auto Control.

* Non-Standard ranges available on specific order can be supplied.